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About Midtown District

Midtown District Inc. (better known as Midtown District Association) is an association of Business Owners, Building Owners, Residents, Organizations, and Individuals dedicated to the interests of the Midtown District Area. We have been entrusted with helping in Economic Business Development Support, Educational Advancement, Entrepreneurial Support, Beautification, and of being the common face and informational resource for our area.

Our Mission

Our Mission states that we promote economic, social, and cultural development within the business and residential communities of Rockford’s geographical area known as “Midtown District.” Incorporated in October of 2008, our vision is the reality of Midtown District as a “Neighborhood of Choice” offering a safe and desirable place to live, work, and to operate a business. It is also the intention of our district to create an enjoyable and useful area for visitors. We have been working hard to represent the needs and best interests of our community and we welcome your comments, questions and ideas.

Our Executive & Board of Directors

Bob Campbell - President
Andy Benson - Treasurer
Guy Spinello
Nathan Harvey
Bill Hughes
Victory Bell

Ruth Jackson

Vince Gulotta

Keith Young - Executive Director

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